Shining Under the Spotlight

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A Shining Example

Be on the lookout for this young star! Although young and fairly new, Julia Shane is approaching stardom at the speed of light! With an incredible ability to switch from comedy roles to commercial roles to dramatic roles effortlessly, you won’t be able to miss Julia Shane out.

Julia Shane came to me about a year ago and I made sure to sign a contract on the spot. Raw talent is easy to recognize for me, and that is exactly what I saw in Julia Shane within seconds.

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Rising Star

Since opening my doors in 2000, I’ve come across a number of rising stars that truly have that “WOW” factor — the potential to reach celebrity status. Jessica Chung is one of those bright stars who has earned a spot in the headlights for a good reason. There’s a lot to love in the endeavors and the successes of Jessica Chung.

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A Hot New Contender

Since 2000, my aspiring stars have grown and flourished. Some have taken the spotlight on the sports field, others on the runway, and still others on the stage. I’ve helped them land the right roles as well as appearances in a broad range of commercials, TV shows, and more! Fresh out of school and already landing some serious gigs, Matt Brandon is just one example out of many success stories. Check out my talents’ latest works and get in touch with me today!